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Book Buying Information

In Store

Do you have books you no longer need? Bring them to us. Call ahead to see if a book buyer is available. We may be able to purchase books up to one hour before closing. We will offer to purchase the books we need. The offer will be based on condition as well as our current supply and demand, usually offering twice as much in store credit as cash (if cash is offered). Credit may be redeemed toward the purchase of used books from our general used stock (not for new products, special orders, or collectible books).

We accept book donations; which help support the store, with the excess being passed on to local charities. Over the years, with your help, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of books to local charities.

By Arrangement

For large local collections and estates, we may arrange to have a buyer sent to you. We purchase books from personal libraries, bookstore inventories, and other collections.

Ask about our service of cleaning out all books from home, office, or storage. In which case, we may agree to not charge for the service if you donate the books to us as payment. This could save you the trouble or expense of moving the books yourself. We always do our best to make sure that all donated books, desirable and undesirable to us, will find a good home either through our store or through our connections with charitable causes.

For more information about arranging a buyer to come out, email us at email or call us at 530-823-5940.

Large Stacks of Books